The Taste Ticket

Taste Tickets are officially on sale.  Things have slightly changed this year, so we wanted to give a quick explaination on how things will work this year.

As of this posting, the event has expanded to include 19 restaurants from East Cambridge, Kendall Square and Inman Square.  Each Taste Ticket will ensure that you can try 10 samples of Ribs from the restaurant of your choice on a first come first serve basis.  So just like last year, the Taste Ticket gets you 10 samples, but this year you’ll have to choose the 10 out of the 19 retaurants to try.  Each Restaurant has a limited number of samples, so if they run out, Ticket holders simply have to get a sample from a different participant.  Everyone will get their 10 samples, but come early to make sure you get to try the restaurants you have your heart set on.

Just like last year, The Taste Ticket doubles as the ballot for the People Choice Award.  try your 10 samples and let us know which restaurant you liked the best.  The People’s Choice will be awarded at the end of the event along with a new Best Rib Award decided by a judged panel.

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