Welcome to the new ECBA Board of Directors and Officers

November brings the yearly elections for ECBA and this year we had some changes in both the board and officer positions.  Firstly, the board, in an effort to foster more involvement from members voted to expand the number of board positions from 7 to 9.

Elected to the 2 new spots were Mark Rogers (3 year term) of Rogers Funeral Home and Stephen LaMaster (2 year term) of Vinfen.
Re-elected to the board for another 3 year term were Teodora Silva of Alegria Dental and Andrew Montone of Cambridge Art and Frame.
Diane Swierczynski was elected to finish the term of Bob Salines who has stepped down after the sale of Pug’s Bar and Grill
Bob has played a significant role in establishing the ECBA and keeping things moving during the first three years.  Bob is also responsible for  the original Rib Fest, which was an annually June BBQ on Fulkerson Street. Bob was also the first to bring outdoor seating to Cambridge St. at Pug’s Bar and Grill. A big thanks to Bob for the work that he has done with the ECBA and for always putting the East Cambridge neighborhood at the forefront of many business decisions.

Finally, Carl Fantasia of New Deal Fish Market has stepped down as president (don’t worry, we made him the treasurer so he is still around).  The work that Carl has put into the ECBA has been immeasurable.  Carl has always recognized the positve impact the business communtiy can play in making a neighbohood great and the things we have accomplished working together has exceeded all expectation.
So thanks to Carl for his service, and …
..c ongratualtion to Patrick Magee of Atwood’s Tavern who has been elected to take over the reigns as president and is eager to keep ECBA moving in a positve direction.

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