Monthly Meeting Recap

Small businesses don’t often have the luxury of employing an HR Director that can easily answer questions or the time to keep up on the ever changing laws pertaining to their business and employment.

This is why Tuesday’s ECBA meeting at the law offices of Clark Hunt Ahern & Embry was a valuable opportunity for ECBA members.  The topics ranged from interview traps to the changing regulations on retaurants workers tips.

In addition to great advise and presentations by Attorney’s from CHA&E, members had the opportunity to hear from Patty Colarossi, an officer, at the US Department of Labor Wage and Hour Division

Employment Law is not something easily explained in a blog post.  The best advice at the meeting was that if you have a question, pick up the phone and call the Department of Labor at 617-624-6700 and ask to speak to an officer.  It’s better to ask the questions and get it right than it is to get caught off guard.

The Department of Labor Website is also a great resource filled with downloadable Fact Sheets and even a number of mobile apps that can help keep you organized

The link to the Department of Labor Website

Many thanks to the attorneys at Clark Hunt Ahern & Embry for arranging the meeting and for taking the time to educate our members. Hopefully everyone walked away with a better understanding of how to protect themselves and their businesses.  Of course CHA&E is a great local firm that can assist you with a variety of services, so do contact them for your business needs.

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