Deck The Halls



ECBA is very excited to announce that our new Holiday décor for Cambridge Street is up and powered on.  It has been a longtime goal of the ECBA, pretty much from the day we started 5 years, to spruce up the street for the holiday season.  Winter greens and sparkling lights can go a long way in improving the street scape and creating a pleasant atmosphere for businesses and shoppers alike.  We hope this adds to the holiday experience for residents, visitors, and shop owners.

We couldn’t have achieved this goal without the support of all of our members, businesses owners that recognize the value of reinvesting in our community in small yet significant ways.  Also, its thanks to you, and many other East Cambridge residents, who have supported the ECBA in various ways throughout the years.  Whether you bought a ticket to Rib Fest or ran in Freedom Run, you played a role in making this improvement in the neighborhood.  Simply stated … THANK YOU!

The beautiful baskets themselves were arranged by our very own Blossom Floral Design located on Cambridge St at the corner of Sciarrappa. Be sure to stop in and tell Susana  and Tony what a great job they did.  The baskets were hung with the help of the Department of Public Works, and the City Electricians powered the lights.  Thanks to all for the group effort.

We hope this is just a start to an ongoing project we can add to each year and look forward to finding new ways to improve the appeal of Cambridge Street for everyone.

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