Pre-Holiday Fraud Awareness Training Seminar

The Boston Police Department is holding a Pre-Holiday Fraud Awareness Training Seminar.   They have invited the Cambridge Business Community to take advantage of this training. The seminar will focus on issues that businesses face every day, but in particular, during the holiday season.

  • They will show how re-encoded credit cards and gift cards are made and why.
  • They will show the new chip credit cards and the issues that merchants will be facing with the new technology and how they are going to be responsible for any losses.
  • They will explain how to detect counterfeit money and American Express Travelers Checks.
  • They will also touch on the new shoplifting laws.

The seminar will review many issues that businesses deal with relative to credit cards, cash or travelers checks.

This seminar takes place on Tuesday November 10th from 10:00am till 12 noon, John Hancock Building’s Dorothy Quincy Suite,180 Berkeley Street, Boston, Ma 02116.

If you are attending, please e-mail Officer Burke at  so that he can reach out to Boston PD to let them know the amount of Cambridge people in attendance.  Officer Paul Burke and Officer Buckowe Yam, are  business liaisons for the CPD.

Thank you….hope you and/or your staff will take advantage of this important seminar.

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