Monthly Meeting Recap

For those that attended our last monthly meeting, the presentation by DPW was very informative and we can look forward to a number of postive improvements along Cambridge St.

The meeting began with some information about how businesses can apply for outdoor seating and make use of sidedwalks in front of their business.  The City of Cambridge is having great success with their outdoor seating program and are encouraging more businesses to particpate.  The city is also promoting a pilot program this season where businesses can essentailly lease parking spaces in front of their businesses, construct a platform, and use it for outdoor seating.  While there has not been any interest as of yet in East Cambridge, we are eager to see how this proposal develops throughout the city.

Sidewalk cafes have been playing big role in improving the street scape and creating a welcoming atmosphere for pedestrians.  If anyone has questions about how to take advantage of the outdoor seating program feel free to contact us.

Deputy City Manager, Richard Rossi, and Commissioner of Public Works, Lisa Peterson, then gave ECBA an overview of the many services that DPW provides within the community and fielded some questions.  The question ECBA gets asked most is “whats up with the not so great smell coming from the catch basins along Cambridge St”.  The good news is that DPW will begin work in the next few weeks to install new vents in the catch basins which will eliminate the odor. Catch basins located at 621, 625, 633, 645, 719, 764, 1076, 1106, and 1121Camrbidge St have been identified for the installation.  If you have a problematic catch basin in front of your business that is not listed here, please let us know and we will relay to DPW for attention.

Also, DPW will be planting 6 new trees in empty tree wells and closing off 3 other retired tree wells which will help to eliminate a place for unsightly weeds to grow and collect trash during the summer months.