Hurricane Irene Hates East Cambridge Flower Baskets … but Galleria Loves Them

Earlier this afternon we received a phone call from the DPW alerting us that they will be taking down the flower baskets in anticipation of the bad weather heading our way.  Its rather unfortunate, since the baskets are really looking great and have alot of life left to them, but understandable.  Last thing we want is for a flower basket to crash through someones store or car window.
Unfortunately DPW doesnt really have the capacity to store them, espcially since they are battening down the hatches of the entire City right now.  So it was looking like the flowers were going to be done for the year unless we could find someplace to keep them safe for the next week or so.

We sent out an email to our members to see if anyone had any suggestions. Within 20 minutes 2 of our members came up big.  Both the Galleria Mall and Mayflower Poulty offered some space.  So cross your fingers that we can work something out and get those pots back up after the storm passes.

Thanks to Galleria and Mayflower for stepping up and proving our theory: People Love Flowers.