PopUp Cafe Info Session

Pop-up Café
Information Session
Date:              Tuesday February 7th
Time:             9:00 am
Location:       License Commission
                        831 Mass. Ave., Cambridge
Since being introduced in Cambridge (2006), outdoor dining has been successful in increasing street life, creating a vibrant street atmosphere, making the sidewalk more interesting for pedestrians, supporting local businesses and enhancing sidewalk plantings.  Annually 42 establishments participate in the program; 18 serving alcohol.

Pop-up Cafés are an opportunity to build on the success of the outdoor dining program by using on-street parking spaces for additional café space.  This space can be combined with sidewalk seating to provide a larger seating area than previously permitted, or may allow outdoor dining in areas not previously permitted, due to limited sidewalk width.  Pop-up Cafés have been popular in Europe and have recently been established in California, Pennsylvania, Canada and New York City.